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This was a difficult assignment for me because it was less concrete than other weeks. Breaking space and typography are pretty straight forward; creating “tension” is not. For the assignments I decided to focus on different techniques for creating tension that were mentioned in the readings. One is breaking borders (which I did in week 1) so for this layout I tried to accomplish “snuggle & separate.” This is not something I typically do in my layouts but it is a technique that I admire in others. Here’s how it looked before the live critique session:


and here’s how it looks now:


Changes made from the critique:

1) Changed the orientation of the photo so that Molly’s face is looking into the page (duh)

2) This necessitated moving the tag grouping to the other side so that it wasn’t covering up the faces

3) Moved the journaling block up so that the bottom was flush with the bottom of the photo block

4) Tacked down the journaling block with some stitching

5) Made the green in the top cluster more pronounced and the cluster a little bigger in general

Once again small details make a big difference on the layout. The orientation of the photo bugs me just a bit but I think it’s because I know that it was taken facing the other way. Design-wise it works and my eye will adjust. (P.S. Could you just die over the look Molly is giving the camera. Whenever I try to take her picture she barks like I’m trying to steal her soul. For my friend she looked right into it!)

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I shared this picture as an Instagram a few weeks ago via FB with the comment “Even after 7 years in Southern Africa white endearmints are still the best thing about going to meetings.” As I was looking through my photos I was inspired to scrapbook the photo because capturing ordinary everyday things like mints at meetings is what I think scrapbooking is all about.

This started out as an assignment for typography week in my class but the title work took me FOREVER to complete. I had the words and knew I wanted to do the fun look of combining a bunch of alphas with a long title. Something I very rarely do. I fiddled and fiddled and fiddled with the title. Finally I discovered that the font Lobster looks a lot like the endearmint packaging and after some more fiddling the title finally came together. The whole layout went through lots of iterations trying to find the right embellishments and color scheme as well as the right combination of alphas. I also had to reach out for help to my critique class on where to put my journaling. On suggestion was below the title but it was too long and kept going well past the bottom of the picture. Another was journaling strips but the journaling was too long. So I went with the third suggestion of a border around the edge and really liked it. I also fiddled with the color for the journaling, but black was the most readable. This is what I finally came up with:


Photo Corners: Colors No 1, White and Grey Tab Alpha, Clean Stitched Banners White No 1, Haunted Woodlands Solids, and Messy Stitched Circles White No 1 by Katie Pertiet. 10,080 Minutes Date Tools by Traci Reed. Ribbon Bits 3 by Patti Knox. Storyteller kit by Scrap Orchard. I Am Polka alphabet by Penny Springmann. Glittery Neutrals alphabet by Libby Pritchett. Text Paths – Rounded Squares by Jen Martakis Designs.

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