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I have been thinking about what I can share here that is NOT scrapbooking related but my day-to-day life is so dull! Okay, *I* don’t think my day-to-day is dull  (I have been insanely busy since returning to Lesotho) but it is dull to recount to others. There was the massive trip in April and half of May but otherwise not much of interest to share. Right now my life consists of:

1) Work. Work is awesome and overwhelming. I’ve had a lot of people ask how my new position is going and my standard response is, “It’s a lot of responsibility.” The learning curve over the last few months has been steep, but worth it. Somedays I miss just being responsible for my little program with others ultimately responsible for the office; other days (most, really) I just love my job. We have a really exciting new project that is ramping up very quickly while at the same time we are thinking about our plans for 2014+. It’s a lot to balance.

2) Maseru Players Company. Did I tell you that I’m playing “Penelope Pennywise” – the woman in charge of Public Amenity #9 –  in MPC’s production of Urinetown? And that it involves singing a solo? And that I’ve never sung a solo in front of an audience before? Yeah … Let’s just say that if you see me driving around town I’m likely *not* on a handsfree phone and likely singing/reciting lines to myself. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to get the show together so most days I’m running straight from work to rehearsals. This is going to be our “biggest” show yet.

3) Winter. Winter is very firmly here in Lesotho. It is cold enough that I am sleeping with extra blankets, although I haven’t turned on the electric blanket yet. There is still plenty of time for that over the next few months. It is also cold enough that my routine is to come home from rehearsals and go straight to work on my laptop from bed. Molly is also sleeping inside on her bed that sits at the foot of my bed.

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