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This week I was able to get my hands on a bunch of photos taken during our Urinetown performances last weekend. (BIG thanks to our friend Diego who took really great photos!) I have this thing where if I have a lot of photos from an event that I always feel compelled to use them ALL but I also always have smaller stories that don’t require lots of photos to tell. For example, when I traveled to Morocco with my sister in 2010 we took thousands of photos and I loved A LOT of them, but didn’t always have a good reason to use them. In that case I created a photo book with no journaling or anything just to display the photos. Then, once that was done, I felt I could go back and just document whatever smaller things came to mind about the trip – like our favorite pizza place in Fes.

The same was true with all the photos from Urinetown. I have several smaller stories I want to document – my favorite moments, what it was like to perform my first solo in public, etc – but also wanted to give a good overview with the photos I loved. Fortunately I came across this layout by fellow GIS Creative Team member Marcia Fortunato that she shared for a recent Office Hours for Masterful Scrapbook Design. When I saw it I immediately pinned it on Pinterest so that I could go back and scraplift it. Here’s how it turned out:


Supplies | Katie Pertiet: Classic Cardstock: Cleansing, Cut Ups: Photography, So Fine Element Pack, Cut Ups: Springtime, So Fine Linen Buttons, Colorful Tabs; Ali Edwards: This One Brushes & Stamps; Gennifer Bursett: Elemental: Snippy Alphas; One Little Bird and The Ardent Sparrow: Going Places Kit; One Little Bird Designs: Dayplanner Kit, Corn Maze Kit

One thing that I especially loved about the design was the combination of portrait and horizontal oriented photos together. Whenever I have a lot of photos I always feel compelled to display them in the same orientation (ie all horizontal). I also really like the tilt of the photos and thought it gave the whole layout a strong visual interest.

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My favorite part of Grandma’s 90th birthday party was looking through her scrapbooks. It gave me a new appreciation for what is already my favorite hobby. EVERYONE at the party stopped and looked through the books. It also made me really reflective about the importance of photo & storytelling. Personally I would rather document less but the more important stories than try to document everything. Grandma wasn’t focused on documenting her entire life in pictures & words and yet everyone still got so much out of what she had left.


Supplies: Hung Up Photo Frames No 9, Stamped Blocks No 24, Striping Graphic No 2, Doily Edgers No 1, Sweet Rose Element Pack, Ric Rac Basics No 1, Flossy Stitches White, Corkboard Alpha No 1, Day Out Element Pack by Katie Pertiet; Rise and Shine Kit by One Little Bird Designs; Sunshine & Lollipops Kit by Zoe Pearn; I Heart Stories Brushes & Stamps by Ali Edwards.

One trick I used on this page was blending two background papers to get just the right amount of woodgrain. My original woodgrain paper was too strong so I put a solid piece of dark cream paper behind and then made the woodgrain paper at 50% opacity & it turned out just how I wanted.

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I had a few days between my meeting in Arusha, Tanzania and needing to travel to Boston for another work meeting. Instead of flying home to for what would have surely been a couple of crazy days I decided to take a few days and go on safari to Ngorogoro Crater and the Serengeti. I’ve lived in Southern Africa for 7 years now and have been on more game drives than I could possibly count but going on a safari in Tanzania was still on my list of things to do. I went basically in search of cheetah and leopard because they are the two animals I had never seen. On our second morning my guide basically drove from tree to tree in search of leopard and, 3 hours in, we were successful. This meant that I’ve finally seen “The Big 5” and I figured it deserved a page to commemorate:

sgleason_holly_two-forwebSupplies: Holly Two template by Sara Gleason; Naturally Krafty No 12, Bead Scatterings, Little Layette Paper Pack, Powder Mountain Element Pack, Almost There Element Pack, Winter Woods Element Pack, Gator Crossing Element Pack, Wooden Alpha by Katie Pertiet; A to Zoo Kit by Patti Knox; Day Planner Kit by One Little Bird Designs; Stitched by Anna Brown No 1 by Anna Aspnes; This Moment Is Your Life Kit by Jennifer Barrett; CU Shimmerz2 by Flergs.


1) I’ve had this template in my supplies for ages. I couldn’t stop thinking about getting back to my computer and using it once I had seen and taken pictures of the mama leopard.

2) I could have used pictures all from my Tanzania trip, but instead I had what I thought was an ingenious idea to use old photos to illustrate where I first saw what animals. I think using the old photos really added to the story.

3) The numbers come straight from the template and to spiff them up a bit I used a glimmer style for sparkle. I actually use those glimmer styles quite a bit because they add just the right amount of extra spiffy-ness.

4) I used the papers from the Little Layette Kit by Katie Pertiet that I’ve had for ages. I’m usually luck if I use a kit once, but I can easily say that Little Layette is one of my all-time faves. I use it over and over again.

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Week 3 of the Guided Study Critique Workshop at Get It Scrapped was on Balance. I think this was the easiest assignment to date for me. Here’s what I came up with:


I have gone through many iterations of layouts using this panorama from my trip to Sehlabathebe in February. I wanted to show off the grandeur of the huge photo (It would print at 12×24) but also get detail shots in. It finally worked with this. At first I just had the photo on kraft but eventually decided to add the strips of patterned paper to the bottom to add a little extra detail. But, I didn’t want the papers to take away from the photo. I can’t tell you have many different papers I tried. The beauty of digi. I also found the little “National Park” cut up amongst my supplies and thought it added  a nice little dimension to the title. After I typed up the journaling to balance the block of white from the title I had some extra space so I added the arrow border stamp.

No changes from the live critique session. I was really proud of the layout and think it’s one of my best ever.

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I was organizing my pins on Pinterest and re-discovered this gem:

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 6.55.01 PM

Uh, this describes my cat’s personality to a T. Every morning it’s “tap, tap, tap” on my face until I get up to feed her. (Or, depending on my mood, she runs out of the room in front of me and I shut the bedroom door. She still hasn’t learned that trick yet.) I thought it would be fun to do a page with a big title and a picture of Blossom. Thanks to my photo organization system it was easy to bring up all the picture tagged “Blossom” (but not Molly, because I have LOTS of pictures of the two of them together) and discovered that I have plenty of pictures of her sleeping in random places. Even better!


Sweet Rose Bay Element Pack (alpha), Striping Graphic No 2, Stacked Photo Clusters No 3, Cardstock Tabs No 3 (staple), Basic Tags No 2 (staple) by Katie Pertiet. Going Places Kit by One Little Bird + The Ardent Sparrow. Up to Date Kit by Gennifer Bursett and Jen Allyson

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I found the last week’s assignment to be much easier, even though “unity” is an abstract concept. I decided just to go with what I would normally do, not think about it too much and see what comments came back. Here’s my first attempt:


There’s unity because you know what the topic of the page is about without me actually saying it (except in the journaling.) The colors, the patterns, the embellishments all “say” Christmas. My original title was going to be “Christmas at Home.” Then I decided that I didn’t need to actually use the word Christmas and tried to think of a little more clever of a title. Sure “ho, ho, ho” isn’t going to win awards for creativity, but it’s outside of my usual state the obvious themes for titles. The biggest piece of feedback was to add something under the stamping and to move it up and to the right a little. Nothing to do with meeting unity, but more about improving the design. Here’s the final result:


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NOT a page I made for my critique class, but I wanted to share here anyway. I’ve been negligent on documenting my Kilimanjaro experience because I thought I would do a separate book all with similar layouts. Instead I’ve decided just to go ahead and scrap as the inspiration hits me. I was hoping that some kind of inspiration for this week’s assignment on tension would come to me during the design process but it didn’t, but I still like it and decided to share.


Katie Pertiet:
American Beauty Layered Template (game card + star flourish)
Lil Bit Tags
Linen Buttons: Winter Woods (recolored)
Classic Embossed Grid No 2
Assorted Messy Stitches White No 3
Photo Corners: Colors No 1

Cathy Zielske:
Design Your Life Layered Template No 15 (modified to 12×12)

Andrea Victoria:
Happy Day Solids

Libby Weifenbach:
“Boom Boom Clap” kit

Sahlin Studio:
“Season of Giving” kit (it’s a Christmas kit but I loved the gold stars!)

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Week 2’s assignment for my Guided Study Critique Workshop was to “make your journaling and title work an integral part of: 1) the visual design and 2) the story you are telling.” As I mentioned in my previous post, I found the assignment to be really difficult. Title work is NOT my forte. I think that I have a relatively good understanding of how to use different fonts but my titles are just not that wordy and don’t lend themselves to creative title work. I’d say that my average title is approximately 2 maybe 3 words long so there’s usually not much to do to ramp up the interest. Take the layout I created for this week:


For a long time in my design process all I had was “Belize Zoo” because … that’s where the pictures were taken. Hello Captain Obvious. One of the last things I did before finishing my page was to look through my brushes for something to spiff up the layout. That’s when I found the “adventure” brush by Ali Edwards. To that point I had “Belize Zoo” a bit smaller so that the journaling could be in a small block below it. When I found the brush that’s when I decided to go big with the title, add “adventure” on top of it as a sticker and then move my journaling to right side of the picture. Before adding “adventure” I figured I had a nice layout, but not something that fit the assignment. The new design, I thought, really elevated the use of typography AND it gave me more room for journaling so that I could tell more of the story than just the facts.

Typography wise I chose the alpha for “Belize Zoo” because it was a nice bold alpha that was pretty large but had a bit of additional interest with the dotted lines. Also, sanserif fonts are better for titles. The hand written “adventure” worked because it contrasted with the sanserif of the other font in the title. I used a type writer font (VT Portable Remington) on the labels because I thought in real life I would use a typewriter on labels like those and then I used a really plain font (Calibri) for my journaling because it was already somewhat difficult to read against the plants of the photo.

In the live critique sessions two big points came up:

1) That even though I had used a really plain font for the journaling it was still a bit tough to read. One of the instructors suggested blurring the background photo, which I did in the final product. The blurring is subtle but it makes a bit difference in the readability of the journaling. I just used my blur tool in PSE and went line-by-line to blend the background. It’s not something I’ve thought to do before but SUPER easy to do in digi scrapping. I will definitely do it again.

2) To move everything to the right and the red patterned paper strip to come out from behind the left side of the photo block. This improves the flow of the layout because previously the beak of the toucan was directing the viewers eye off the layout. Now it’s facing down towards the strip of paper and the red in the beak creates a visual triangle with the paper and the red in the title.  How spiffy! Here’s the final product:


Much better, right? Another minor change that I made was to make sure that I was using all shadowed stitches. One commenter (another digi scrapper) noticed that some of the stitching jumped off the page and others did not. I realized that I don’t always pay attention to whether I’m consistently using either shadowed or unshadowed stitching, but now I will!

I am so enjoying this class. Applying the topics are challenging and it really has me thinking hard about how to take my layouts to the next level. Next week … tension!

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