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Funny story: I started this layout tonight after dinner as the family was sitting around playing an informal game of “Joe Name-It” I started the layout using a picture we took this afternoon and a different kit. I was stuck on paper choices so checked my email, saw the brand new One Little Bird release (gorgeous, as always, and on sale for 30% off until Monday at The-Lilypad), purchased it on the spot and the layout came together effortlessly after that! Of course, the Scrapbook Coach: Diagonal issue also come in handy (this is based on Lesson #4). I guess you could say this is literally “hot off the presses” ūüėČ


Family by Heather Awsumb | Supplies: Winter Song, This and That by One Little Bird; Family Pet by 3 Paper Peonies; Postage Strip Words, Haunted Woodlands Element Pack (ribbon, recolored); Ephemera Stacks by Sahlin Studio; Life Stories Christmas by Kristin Cronin Barrow

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The second challenge that I chose as part of the Document Life Workshop Creative Team was to “Use Autumn Colors.” I thought immediately of this page that uses autumn colors but is not a page about autumn:


WhatsApp? by Heather Awsumb | Supplies: Trailblazer by One Little Bird Designs; Corkboard Alpha No 1, Day Out Element Pack, Linen Button: Little Woodsy, Dog Park Element Pack, Cooked Element Pack, Basic Tags No 2 by Katie Pertiet; Little Miss Sunshine Add-on Alpha by Zoe Pearn; With Gratitude Brushes and Stamps by Ali Edwards

This kit by One Little Bird was an unusual choice for my topic, but I chose it because it was the most masculine kit that I have in my stash. (I find this kind of ironic because I don’t think of my life as super “girly” but the other kits all felt too girly to use.)¬†I “workshopped” this page during¬†Masterful Scrapbook Design¬†Office Hours back in September but never shared here or in a gallery. The two changes I made to the page from the feedback I received was adding the orange button to the lower left because only having yellow there made it stand out too much. The other change I made was to the block of striped paper at the top. Before the far left side of the block had a bit of the yellow sticking out that, again, was drawing the eye awkwardly to that spot. Thanks to the power of digi the paper is just “clipped” to the block so I could nudge it to the left until the yellow didn’t show anymore. (Whereas in paper I would have had to either cut a new block the same size, or cut the block smaller to eliminate the yellow.)


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Last week I shared a photo on Facebook about playing with Molly & her friend that I just had to scrap right away.


Fetch by Heather Awsumb | Supplies: Heartbeat at my Feet by One Little Bird

I was inspired by this template by One Little Bird Designs¬†because of the vertical orientation of the photo. and then create the page using one of her latest kits “Heartbeat at my Feet” – one of those rare circumstances where I used only one kit on a layout. This came together in a flash.

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Our GIS CT assignment: Make a page on which the entire grouping of elements is placed at a noticeable tilt from straight up. (With a link to this Pinterest board for initial inspiration.) Here’s my result (and results from other CT members):


Friends Have Made the Stories of My Life by Heather Awsumb | Supplies: Stay Tuned Kit by One Little Bird Designs; Shine On Kit by Designer Digitals; Thank You Friend Hand Drawn Brushes by Ali Edwards; Glittery Neutral Alpha by Libby Pritchett; Marcelle Font; StamPETE font.

I knew that I wanted to go with a standard grid layout, so I started by placing the first photo frame and then pressing “Shift” while I tilted it anti-clockwise to an angle that I liked. Holding down shift makes it tilt in even increments of 15 degrees. I then built the rest of the layout from there. The quote came from something I saw in a store in Baltimore over a year ago. When I saw it I immediately wrote it down because it captures my feelings perfectly about friendships.

After submitting my assignment I actually made a small change to the layout by making the grid a little “off kilter.” When I bumped the bottom row over, though, it created some empty space so I added in the colored chevron stamp again. It was inspired by this page that I pinned on Pinterest by Celeste Smith (who also happens to be on the GIS CT).¬†


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I’m signed up for a class by Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes called “Hello Story” that started this week. The class will be 12 weeks long and cover 12 different story telling devices. This week’s topic was “timeline.” I was inspired by one of the projects that Ali created as an example that I went into PSE and recreated it almost exactly:



Hello Roadtrip by Heather Awsumb | Supplies: Away We Go Solids, Surf Lagoon Element Pack, So Fine Element Pack, Away We Go Element Pack, Almost There Element Pack by Katie Pertiet; Dotted & Dashed Frames by Cathy Zielske; Going Places Kit by One Little Bird and The Ardent Sparrow.

When I saw the inspiration I knew immediately what photos I wanted to use because I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do an overview of this road trip that I took with my family in April. It worked perfectly because we stopped at four different sites – Goblin Valley, Arches National Park, Monument Valley & the Grand Canyon – and there were four spaces for photos. The whole layout is basically an exact copy of Ali’s:¬†the number of “slices” in the circle, the slices being cut into three horizontal pieces, the san-serif font labeling each photo, the wood veneer geotags, the journaling around the outside of the circle. She even scrapped travel photos, but used a collection of photos from trips across multiple years while I used photos from one trip. So the only thing that I really did differently was to add the little cluster in the middle.


It took quite a bit of trial and error to figure out how to create all the pieces, line them up, shadow them correctly and to arch the lettering but I learned a lot along the way. The biggest tip that I learned is that in PSE if you hold down Option (or Alt in Windows) while drawing a shape it draws it from the center rather than from the corner, as usual. This made it a lot easier to get the lettering arched correctly (the smaller words like Valley and Canyon) because I could draw the Text in a Shape tool from the middle until it lined up with the circle I was writing on.

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This week I was able to get my hands on a bunch of photos taken during our Urinetown performances last weekend. (BIG thanks to our friend Diego who took really great photos!) I have this thing where if I have a lot of photos from an event that I always feel compelled to use them ALL but I also always have smaller stories that don’t require lots of photos to tell. For example, when I traveled to Morocco with my sister in 2010 we took thousands of photos and I loved A LOT of them, but didn’t always have a good reason to use them. In that case I created a photo book with no journaling or anything just to display the photos. Then, once that was done, I felt I could go back and just document whatever smaller things came to mind about the trip – like our favorite pizza place in Fes.

The same was true with all the photos from Urinetown. I have several smaller stories I want to document – my favorite moments, what it was like to perform my first solo in public, etc – but also wanted to give a good overview with the photos I loved. Fortunately I came across this layout¬†by fellow GIS Creative Team member Marcia Fortunato¬†that she shared for a recent Office Hours for Masterful Scrapbook Design. When I saw it I immediately pinned it on Pinterest so that I could go back and scraplift it. Here’s how it turned out:


Supplies | Katie Pertiet: Classic Cardstock: Cleansing, Cut Ups: Photography, So Fine Element Pack, Cut Ups: Springtime, So Fine Linen Buttons, Colorful Tabs; Ali Edwards: This One Brushes & Stamps; Gennifer Bursett: Elemental: Snippy Alphas; One Little Bird and The Ardent Sparrow: Going Places Kit; One Little Bird Designs: Dayplanner Kit, Corn Maze Kit

One thing that I especially loved about the design was the combination of portrait and horizontal oriented photos together. Whenever I have a lot of photos I always feel compelled to display them in the same orientation (ie all horizontal). I also really like the tilt of the photos and thought it gave the whole layout a strong visual interest.

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Last weekend marked one more Maseru Player’s Company production in the bag. Phew. Our performances went really well. I loved putting all the time and effort that we put into the show to good use in front of our friends and Maseru community. After spending the majority of the last five weeks going straight from work to rehearsals, though, I am looking forward to having my personal time back.

In that train of thought I spent my first evening off documenting one of my favorite show traditions … drinks at the Lesotho Sun after our Saturday night performance in costumes and stage makeup (i.e. yes, I have bright red lipstick on). We’ve done it for all three shows & thankfully someone took pictures this time.


Supplies | One Little Bird Designs: Star Gazer Kit; Katie Pertiet: Loosely Labeled, Scalloped Strip Masks, Basic Tags No 1, Sentiment Spots No 4, Cardstock Alpha: Whimsy Blue, So Fine Element Pack, William Element Pack; Zoe Pearn: Little Miss Sunshine Alpha Add-on; Andrea Victoria: Pina Paper Pack. 

Once again the design is based on a lesson from Debbie Hodge’s “Scrapbook Coach” series. This is Lesson 4 of “Piecework.” I seriously love all of the lessons so far. I’ve found that I’m turning to them instead of templates when I don’t have the mojo to come up with my own design.

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