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This is what I’ve been up to recently:


Bring on the Sun by Heather Awsumb | Supplies: Naturally Krafty No 14, Splatters No 3, Surf Lagoon Kit, Symbology Postage Strips No 1 by Katie Pertiet; 4×6 Summer Sentiment Boxes by Ali Edwards; In the Moment by Megan Mullens

October 4th is Independence Day in Lesotho, and this year it fell on a Friday. Yay for long weekends! (Next year it will be on a Saturday, so we won’t get any days off work.) Five friends and I made the 10 hour trip south to Tsitsikamma National Park. We stayed at the Storms River Rest Camp in nice little houses with ocean views. This page documents our first morning when we made the short hike to the suspension bridge

In Office Hours with Emily Pitt for Masterful Scrapbook Design* I got feedback on a page I had recently completed (not this one)**. During the feedback Debbie Hodge said something about how I “really rock” the casual photo cluster page. That comment struck home for me because it really is my go-to design. I like to start with photos, generally lay them out on the page and then build around the photos by finding ways to add patterned paper and elements. For this layout I went to my supplies and looked at everything tagged “Summer Beach Nautical”  where I found the “Lagoon Kit” by Katie Pertiet and the fun hand drawn title block by Ali Edwards. After getting pretty much everything on the page I looked for a way to create a visual triangle and decided on a triangle of pink – the flower, the buttons and the tag – that draws your eye through the page. It also mimics the triangle of photos as well. I got to the point where I thought I was done with the page, but then as a final touch I rearranged the columns, moving everything to the left and the patterned paper strip from the left to the right. I can’t explain why, but I like this arrangement better. It feels a little less blocky than the previous arrangement.

* PS: Office Hours is one of my favorite features of Masterful Scrapbook Design. I try to get feedback on pages at as many of the office hours as I can, even if I can’t be there in person.

** PPS See, lucky for you I don’t share ALL the pages I create here. 😉

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My last assignment for September for the GIS Creative Team was called “Voice.” The assignment: Make a page in which the “voice” of one of your subjects comes through. There was a great lesson in the Masterful Scrapbook Design issue on “Make it Mean” that was a good reference. Here’s my page:


F***ing Awesome by Heather Awsumb | Supplies: So Fine Collection, Spot Dot Brushes No 4, Surf Lagoon Element Pack, Woodside Jangle Element Pack, Little Layette Element Pack by Katie Pertiet; 10,080 Minutes by Traci Reed; Paper Piercing Stitching Holes by Sahlin Studio; These Walls Kit, Carson Park Kit by One Little Bird Designs; In Good Company by Paislee Press; This One Brushes & Stamps by Ali Edwards; Rough Typewriter font.

I mentioned in my write-up that I thought this was a difficult assignment as a single person without kids. I think voice is most natural for people who are scrapbooking the personalities of their kids and husbands. I don’t do this frequently, so enjoyed thinking of how I could capture voice on a page. This page uses one of my favorite pictures from the Maseru Players Company masquerade ball back in June and documents one of my favorite moments from the night. The title comes straight from the mouth of my friend & I admit that I thought it was clever to add the stars to the title. The layout is based on lesson 2 of the Symmetry issue of Scrapbook Coach.

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