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I found the last week’s assignment to be much easier, even though “unity” is an abstract concept. I decided just to go with what I would normally do, not think about it too much and see what comments came back. Here’s my first attempt:


There’s unity because you know what the topic of the page is about without me actually saying it (except in the journaling.) The colors, the patterns, the embellishments all “say” Christmas. My original title was going to be “Christmas at Home.” Then I decided that I didn’t need to actually use the word Christmas and tried to think of a little more clever of a title. Sure “ho, ho, ho” isn’t going to win awards for creativity, but it’s outside of my usual state the obvious themes for titles. The biggest piece of feedback was to add something under the stamping and to move it up and to the right a little. Nothing to do with meeting unity, but more about improving the design. Here’s the final result:


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